Exhibition Organiser Notes

The layout is very flexible in size and shape. However, it is large and can occupy any linear space from a minimum of 50 ft to a maximum of about 100ft. Alternatively, it can fit a rectangular shape up to 40ft x 80ft.

The tramway is large and heavy. Moving the tramway to and from Manchester requires a 7.5 tonne van with tail-lift. For the same reason, stairs and lifts cannot be used. Only ground floor venues are suitable.

Construction of the tramway takes a full day. Dismantling the tramway takes about 2-3 hours. Therefore, it is only appropriate for the tramway to be constructed to an event that is a minimum of 2 days duration.

The tramway is normally exhibited twice per year.

“All Risks” insurance is carried.

Public Liability Insurance is not carried. Cover is to be provided by Exhibition Organisers.

Health and Safety Assessments are available and are regularly updated.