Welcome to MMTG

The Manchester Model Tramway Group (MMTG) is an informal body having no constitution, subscription, set meetings or clubroom. It is a group of friends with a common interest in tramways who meet for exhibitions. Membership is only by invitation from the existing members who are mainly professionals with a technical background. They include 2 Chartered Electrical Engineers, a Chartered Surveyor, a telecom software engineer and a marine engineer.

The Group has been displaying it’s collection of large scale model trams to the General Public for over 60 years on an average of one exhibition per year.

The trams are built to a scale of 5/8 “ to a foot with a gauge of 27/16 inch. This is unique to the group and has historical origins. The tramway is handbuilt by members, past and present, and is their personal property.

At present there are trams available based on prototypes from, amongst others,London, Blackburn, Blackpool, Liverpool,Sheffield, Sunderland etc.